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Welcome to the home page for our Roman Catholic Polish community in the capital city of Saskatchewan and Archdiocese of Regina.



Rzymsko-katolicka wspólnota polonijna w stolicy prowincji Saskatchewan i w Archidiecezji Regina.



St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Parish was founded in 1931 by Msgr. Anthony Gocki. The church serves not only Polish immigrants, but all those who honor St. Anthony of Padua. Since 1982, pastoral care of the parish has been provided by the Society of Christ Fathers.



“Let us renew our trust in the Holy Spirit every day. The trust that He enacts in us, He is in us, He gives us courage, confidence and peace! Let us be guided by Him, men and women of prayer, witnessing the Gospel with courage, becoming instruments in our world of God's unity and communion.”

- Pope Francis, May 22, 2013



With the increasing prevalence of Internet-based communication, we have made accessible the basic information and news about our community, which we hope will enrich your knowledge. Please explore the tabs above, which include some historical points and a devotion to St. Anthony.


We encourage everyone

to join us in prayer.


Zapraszamy do wspólnej modlitwy.


9:00 –  (English) po angielsku
11:00 – (Polish) po polsku


Social - Działalność socjalna


St. Anthony’s Parish Hall

1825 Winnipeg Street

Tel. (306) 352-3831   


Monday, Tuesday, Friday 6:30 PM – poniedziałek, wtorek, piątek
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 9:00 AM – środa, czwartek, sobota


In honor of St. Anthony - 13 Tuesdays with a finale on June 13 - St. Anthony’s Feast Day.







We invite you for the Mass and prayer every Tuesday at 6:30 PM.

During the evening Mass every Tuesday, we will have special prayers

to St. Anthony and a blessing with the relic of St. Anthony.


O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy,
whisper my petition into the ears of the Sweet Infant Jesus,
who loved to be folded in your arms,
and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours.


*   *   *



1930/31 – 2015/16

November 2015 – June 2016


Honoring our past

Celebrating the present

Hoping & entrusting our future to Jesus Christ! 


What St. Anthony’s Parish and Church means to me….

What does it mean to belong to a parish like St. Anthony’s or to pray regularly at

St. Anthony’s Church? Well, that can be answered in hundreds of different ways.

What does it mean to you? What are your hopes and visions for the future of our

St. Anthony’s ‘Church in 15 years, 35 years, and 50 years?


Put your thoughts down in 2 or 3 paragraphs. We will select a dozen answers to

be published in the bulletin during the 85th anniversary of our parish and church.

One of the stained glass

windows in the church.


Prayer during the Summer

© 1972, WLP


Great God, you dress the world in summertime

and paint the sky with stars.

You write your story on our lives

and guide the ways of all.

Give us a wider sense of wonder,

that we may unwrap the world like a gift,

always thanking you for your goodness

and living in love with our neighbors,

in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.




Naucz mnie Panie dobrze wypoczywać i spędzać wolny czas.

Proszę Cię, abym umiał dostrzegać piękno przyrody, wspaniałość zwierząt,

abym na nowo nauczył się zachwycać

otaczającym mnie światem,

tak jak kiedyś, gdy byłem małym dzieckiem.

Panie, błogosław wszystkim, którzy wyjeżdżają na wakacje,

aby spędzili dobrze ten czas.

Dziękuję, że nie zapominasz o tych wszystkich,

którzy nie mogą wyjechać

z braku środków lub z powodu choroby.

Panie, zmiłuj się nad nami i spraw,

aby ludzie byli dla siebie dobrzy.

Dzięki Ci, Panie. Amen.


Sister M. Eligia


On Tuesday, June 13th, St. Anthony’s Parish in Regina celebrated, with praise and thanksgiving, their final Tuesday in the 85th consecutive Year of the 13 Tuesdays Devotion to their Patron Saint, which happened to fall on St. Anthony’s Feast Day. It was the last Tuesday of a spiritual journey, in which they gathered to pray, to give thanks and ask for the intercession of their powerful patron, St. Anthony, who never fails, even in desperate situations.


The evening liturgy, celebrated by Fr. Stanislaw Poszwa, S.Chr.,  and Fr. Marian Ogórek, S.Chr., consisted of three important parts:

1. Holy Eucharist

2. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

3. Veneration of the relics of St. Anthony


The Mass was offered for the intentions of all devotees of St. Anthony, as well as all the intentions entrusted to their Patron Saint. The Patronal Feast Day and the Finale of the 85th Year in the history of the parish’s 13 Tuesdays Devotion was celebrated for three days. On Sunday, June 11th, after the two Masses,  participants gathered for a social and were treated to the best ice cream in Regina. The Social Finale of the 13 Tuesdays Devotion took  place on Saturday June 10, 2017 at the Parish Hall on Winnipeg Street, which featured a special presentation of delicious, freshly-made gourmet sandwiches, “St. Anthony’s Bread” prepared by Italian Star Deli, choice Italian wine, a culinary delightful cake, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and juices, followed by musical entertainment - an invigorating concert of  gospel songs, performed by the very talented Taroja Family from Our Lady of Peace Parish. The Pastor, Fr. Stan Poszwa expressed gratitude to all and mentioned the departed Parish Pastors, benefactors, founding members, parishioners and volunteers, who have served diligently in the past eight decades. During that evening, special recognition was given to the winners of the Quiz on St. Mathew’s Gospel, as well as two special Jubilarians: Fr. Marian Ogórek, S.Chr., on his 55th Anniversary of Ordination and Mr. Anthony Dyczkowski, a long-time devotee of St. Anthony, who marked his 95th Birthday. Quite an attraction for everyone was the picture of Pope Francis provided by Burns and Hanley.


At the end, Fr. Stan challenged all Parishioners and good friends of St. Anthony, to spread devotion to him. “Tell others – your relatives, friends, even those who have stopped practicing their faith, about the graces and favors you have received through his intercession. Remember that he will whisper all of your petitions into the ear of the child Jesus.”  Then Father invited all to future Devotions.


13 Tuesdays Finale Report

See the Gallery for more great photos from this occasion!